Things to Consider When Shopping for a Newborn

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Newborn

Buying clothes for a newborn baby can be so much fun, but a little bit of a pain in the backside at the same time. As all the clothes are so tiny and cute, it’s easy to get carried away buying them and spend way too much money. With all the different designs, materials, and brands it can be confusing too, so to help make newborn clothes shopping less of a chore and just pure fun read on to learn the things you should be considering:
Things to Consider When Shopping for a Newborn
How Easy Are They to Put on and Take off?
Cute dresses and mini suits are so cute, but putting them on and taking them off can be quite difficult. Many people don’t consider the difficulty level of dressing the baby in a certain outfit when shopping, and this can lead to a lot of frustration for a tired baby and a tired parent. Try to make it as easy as possible by choosing clothes with wide arm holes, easy zips, poppers, and so on.

Where Will You Be Taking Your Baby?
Obviously, newborns don’t have much on their agenda other than sleeping, eating, being sick, and sleeping some more. Oh, and probably crying very loudly too. However, you’ll still likely want to take them out with you to a variety of different occasions, so consider where you’ll be taking your baby and buy them a few outfits accordingly.

You might want one outfit for a formal event, one for a ‘play date’ (even though they’ll probably be sleeping), and so on. This will save you wasting money on clothes your newborn won’t wear, and a mad dash to the shop when you realise you haven’t got anything appropriate. Bear in mind that newborns get bigger very quickly so you don’t want to buy them too many fancy outfits.

How Hot/Cold Will It Be?
As the winter is here and the festive season is coming up, you’ll need to make sure your baby is kept warm. It would make no sense for you to buy your baby cute summer clothes, as they’ll be much bigger by the time summer gets back to us! Only buy them newborn baby clothes to suit the temperature at the time.

Do The Clothes Pose a Risk?
Sometimes, clothes can pose a risk to newborns. For example, if a button should fall off one of their pretty dresses, this could cause a choking hazard! Some itchy materials can cause an allergic reaction too, so try to stick to cotton and other comfortable materials with as few hazards attached as possible.

How Many Outfits Do They Really Need?
As mentioned before, babies grow very quickly so it makes no sense to buy them a wardrobe full of fancy outfits. You’ll only need to go shopping again and buy them even more clothes any way! Purchasing elasticated clothes and buying larger outfits so they grow into them is the way to make them stand the test of time.

You can still make your baby look trendy with the tips above – just take a tip from Alexander Wang and choose cool outfits like he does for his niece Aila! Your baby will be the envy of all the other newborns (in between being sick and crying).

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